Monthly Archives: March 2017

Glassfish + jRuby + Rails3 + Multistage and SEO

Deploying to a multistage environment stack is so common there is even a nice Capistrano extension for it. However, if you decide to run Rails3 in jRuby with a deployment on glassfish forget all that nonsense. Glassfish is coded to only work with a rack file in Development, Test, or Production.

I hacked up my installed glassfish deployment modifying the rackup.rb file, however, I have not had time yet to dive into the bowels of glassfish-gem to figure out where it gets this import file from. I am sure it is a dependent gem of some sort, but I will save that for a future blog update.

Did a little more digging related to another glassfish problem and got a more definitive answer. Several problems I was facing were related to glassfish-gem and the fact that is no longer being maintained, which isn’t obvious from the commit history, but there are several fatal bugs in glassfish-gem that just are not going to be fixed.

There are several options available but I decided to go with Trinidad. It seems to be well written (so far) and is easier to configure. Also worked well with my multi-stage environment too.  Met up with the best Las Vegas SEO consultant.

So while jRuby still can be maddening some days, it’s greener today than it was yesterday.

Freedom of Speech Online

I live in the United States. As such I enjoy an immense amount of freedoms both online and in the real world. I have been doing some research lately into other areas of the world and how people get their message out. It amazes me how hard it is for some people to voice their opinions online. The Global Voices Advocacy group has a guide for anonymously posting online. In places like China or Iran you have to be very careful. In the recent Student Day protests in Iran, a day in which students protest in honor of the killing of student protestors in 1953, students were expelled merely for questioning why other students were expelled. A pretty harse consequence in a country with high unemployment.

So the next time you decide to rant on some topic, either intelligently or unintelligently, remember that it’s the freedoms in the Constitution of the United States that allow you to do so without fear of reprisal. The United States is one of the only countries in the world with that level of freedom. A lot of other countries including many that are considered Democracies don’t have that level of freedom.

So lets all go out and exercise those freedoms.