Glassfish + jRuby + Rails3 + Multistage and SEO

Deploying to a multistage environment stack is so common there is even a nice Capistrano extension for it. However, if you decide to run Rails3 in jRuby with a deployment on glassfish forget all that nonsense. Glassfish is coded to only work with a rack file in Development, Test, or Production.

I hacked up my installed glassfish deployment modifying the rackup.rb file, however, I have not had time yet to dive into the bowels of glassfish-gem to figure out where it gets this import file from. I am sure it is a dependent gem of some sort, but I will save that for a future blog update.

Did a little more digging related to another glassfish problem and got a more definitive answer. Several problems I was facing were related to glassfish-gem and the fact that is no longer being maintained, which isn’t obvious from the commit history, but there are several fatal bugs in glassfish-gem that just are not going to be fixed.

There are several options available but I decided to go with Trinidad. It seems to be well written (so far) and is easier to configure. Also worked well with my multi-stage environment too.  Met up with the best Las Vegas SEO consultant.

So while jRuby still can be maddening some days, it’s greener today than it was yesterday.

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